Downtown Anchorage – August 27, 2013

The day began with my Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast-supplied goodies, followed by a trip to the Mocha Moose to get my usual, then to City Hall to thank Bonnie for showing me the rooms where Sarah Palin sat as Wasilla’s City Councilwoman in Seat E and as the city’s Mayor, as documented in the US for Palin Sarah Palin History Tour.

From there, I went back to the B&B for a little bit, then got on the Parks and beelined it to downtown Anchorage. My run here two principal purposes: The Captain Cook Hotel and the Atwood Building for the Sarah Palin History Tour, and souvenir purchases. I first went to the Captain Cook and after photographing the Grand Ballroom where Sarah Palin had her gubernatorial victory celebration, I bought some schlock upstairs. From there, I walked to the Atwood Building to get exterior shots.

I did not want to enter the building for a few reasons, the first being a practical one: I was at a metered parking spot and I did not want to get hung up in there and possibly get my rental car ticketed or worse – towed. I did not know how the city handles meter expiration and I was not going to take a risk. I wasn’t keen on seeing the governor’s office as it is today – knowing that Sarah Palin was no longer its occupant and knowing how its current occupant back-stabbed her on the state’s taxation system. I just did not feel right about it. Finally, being a state building with heavy security, I wasn’t sure how they would respond to some guy from NY wanting to take pics of the governor’s office. Maybe, all those reasons (except for the parking issue) might have been silly and I should have gone for it. I was there, after all. But, I made the decision to stick with exteriors and the bronze plaque Alaska History Walk – which is documented in the Sarah Palin History Tour.

From there, I checked some schlock shops, then went to refill my meter. Then, I walked over to 4th Avenue and E Street, where I made sure to quaff down a 4th Ave. reindeer sausage. I knew the guy who boasts about having the best reindeer sausage was trashing Sarah Palin, so I did not buy from him. I got mine from a Japanese guy next to him on the corner. At one time, he lived in New Jersey and worked at a major Sushi place here in Staten Island. What a small world. His reindeer sausage was excellent.

Then, I bought two Sarah Palin medallions at the Alaska Mint, and bought a nice, warm chinchilla stole at Wild Furs Limited for Elsy.

I knew there was much I did not see in downtown Anchorage, but my mission was accomplished. I returned to the car and packed up. Next stop was Potter Marsh.

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