Gaggle of Wild Turkeys on Seaview Ave

One does not often associate a gaggle of wild turkeys with New York City streets, but a hybrid breed of wild turkeys is quite common in Staten Island.

Flattop Mountain – August 25, 2013

I arose this morning, checked my US for Palin news stack, showered and ran off to an early church service. Then, I went to my usual haunt, the Mocha Moose to have my usual breakfast. I returned to Carol's Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast to get ready for Flattop Mountain. I would be meeting Chuck [...]

Matanuska River Bridge Turnoff – August 23, 2013

I pulled off the Matanuska Bridge and into the turnoff just like I had done yesterday. The low clouds clung to the mountains and you could see how it was steamy at the cloud base. When I was working on my instrument rating, my instructor told me that when you first enter clouds its like [...]

Matanuska River Scenic Overlook – August 23, 2013

First thing I did in the morning was visit Wunderground to check the weather. Wasilla was a rain-out, but Palmer had localized rain cells and was otherwise clear. The conditions in Palmer were semi-favorable to hike the Bodenburg Butte, but I would have to play it by the seat of my pants....

Matanuska River Bridge Turnoff – August 22, 2013

As I proceeded down the Old Glenn toward the Reindeer Farm, after leaving the Musk Ox Farm, I noticed another scenic pull-off just over the Matanuska River Bridge. I would come back to this location after I was done with the farm. The bridge turnoff is a popular location for four-wheelers and campers. It offers [...]

Matanuska River Scenic Overlook – August 22, 2013

Today, I would visit the Musk Ox and Reindeer Farms, and the Wasilla Museum of Transportation and Industry. Temps were in the high 50s and low sixties with periods of on-and-off rain. I learned quickly that rainstorms in Alaska occur in highly localized cells. You can be in one part of Wasilla or Palmer and be caught in a major downpour while the other side is dry and watching double rainbows.