Potter Marsh – August 27, 2013

Following my tour of downtown Anchorage, I went along the Seward Highway and stopped at Potter Marsh – a wetland created accidentally when the Alaska Railroad was built. You can see salmon swimming in the marsh, though I could not pick them up with the camera.

Moose frequent the area as well, as you can see by their tracks on the sandbar above…

A rainbow began to form near Flattop Mountain, but dissipated….

Crepuscular rays emanated from the clouds over Cook Inlet….Chuck Heath, Jr. had photographed this same phenomenon in roughly the same area 11 days after I was here….

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The ones Chuck Heath, Jr. posted were much more dramatic and concentrated in one area. My time in Potter Marsh was brief – maybe 30 minutes. It drizzled lightly and I did not have my camera in a protective bag, so I did not want to leave it out too long.

I went to Uncle Joe’s Pizza for dinner, then made a late run back to Wasilla in a heavy rainstorm.

Tomorrow, I would be vacating the Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast and bidding the Lake farewell. My Alaska trip was winding down and approaching its end.

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