Dorothy G. Page Museum – August 28, 2013

After visiting Iditarod Headquarters, I moved over to the Dorothy G. Page Museum at 323 Main Street. Page was the mother of the Iditarod, so this was an appropriate seque. Admission is $3 and the museum encompasses the basement and first floor. The staircase leading to the basement is painted to look like a mine [...]

Iditarod Trail Race Headquarters – August 28, 2013

Knik Goose Bay Road starts out perpendicular to the Parks Highway, but swings right until it is 45 degrees to this principal artery. This was the road I needed to carry out my first order of business, which was to get photos I needed for the Sarah Palin History Tour. My right turn took me [...]

Lake Lucille: Farewell, Thank You – August 28, 2013

Finally, my time to vacate the Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast came. I had my final Part I of breakfast in the kitchen, and packed my gear into the rental car. I then went to the dock to bid Lake Lucille a long final farewell. So many treasures on this lake I have seen and [...]

Lake Lucille Civil Twilight – August 26, 2013

After Independence Mine and and my stops in Palmer and Wasilla Lake for the Sarah Palin History Tour, I stopped off at Señor Taco, because I was jonesing for Mexican food. From there, I returned to Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast. I pulled the laptop out of the room, set it on a table on [...]

Lake Lucille Civil Twilight – August 25, 2013

After returning from a glorious day at Flattop Mountain, with Chuck Heath, Jr. I went to enjoy the Civil Twilight on Lake Lucille and savor what had happened today and the days before. Alaska's summer nights are truly amazing and spectacular. Tomorrow, I would be going to Independence Mine on my own, then some more [...]

Lake Lucille Civil Twilight – August 24, 2013

My day concluded right where it had began - Lake Lucille. Some 15 hours ago, the lake was shrouded in pea soup fog. I had gone to and through Hatcher Pass from end to end and from a sweet spot on the lake saw my second double rainbow in as many days. The Schwabenhof parking [...]

Rain Shafts, Cloud Formations – August 24, 2013

As I traveled up the East Palmer-Wasilla Highway, I had come full circle...this road took me to and through Hatcher Pass and back out through Willow and back down the Parks into Wasilla, and now back toward Palmer. As I looked to the left, Hatcher Pass was under a major downpour. Yet, toward the right [...]

Hatcher Pass, Double Rainbow – August 24, 2013

I stopped off at Mocha Moose for breakfast and ordered my usual: sausage, egg and cheese burrito, and a large Mocha spiked with orange. The large mocha has four shots of Good Morning Alaska as espresso. The burrito probably has four to six eggs in it. The Breakfast of Champions! From here, I stopped at [...]

Advection Fog on Lake Lucille – August 24, 2013

I woke up in the morning to find Lake Lucille shrouded in advection fog (see page 15 on the link). Visibility was less than 1/8 of a mile. As the sun rose, the fog eventually lifted. This sequence captured it all. Today I would be going to the Mocha Moose, then straight to Hatcher Pass.