Potter Marsh – August 27, 2013

Following my tour of downtown Anchorage, I went along the Seward Highway and stopped at Potter Marsh - a wetland created accidentally when the Alaska Railroad was built. You can see salmon swimming in the marsh, though I could not pick them up with the camera. Moose frequent the area as well, as you can [...]

Downtown Anchorage – August 27, 2013

The day began with my Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast-supplied goodies, followed by a trip to the Mocha Moose to get my usual, then to City Hall to thank Bonnie for showing me the rooms where Sarah Palin sat as Wasilla's City Councilwoman in Seat E and as the city's Mayor, as documented in the [...]

Flattop Mountain – August 25, 2013

I arose this morning, checked my US for Palin news stack, showered and ran off to an early church service. Then, I went to my usual haunt, the Mocha Moose to have my usual breakfast. I returned to Carol's Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast to get ready for Flattop Mountain. I would be meeting Chuck [...]

Journey to the Great Land – August 21, 2013

My journey to Alaska had been “planned” on and off over the past two to three years, but the final decision was made when I met Chuck Heath Sr., and Junior in New York City to have a copy of Our Sarah Made in Alaska signed. I decided that I would go during the time of the Alaska State Fair.