Niagara Falls Rainbows

We spent much of the day simply gazing at Niagara Falls rainbows...

Southern Magnolia 2015

Our Southern Magnolia produced so many beautiful flowers this year, we stopped counting after 15 or 20 of them. The action started in mid-June and lasted all the way till July.

Matanuska River Bridge Turnoff – August 23, 2013

I pulled off the Matanuska Bridge and into the turnoff just like I had done yesterday. The low clouds clung to the mountains and you could see how it was steamy at the cloud base. When I was working on my instrument rating, my instructor told me that when you first enter clouds its like [...]

Matanuska River Scenic Overlook – August 23, 2013

First thing I did in the morning was visit Wunderground to check the weather. Wasilla was a rain-out, but Palmer had localized rain cells and was otherwise clear. The conditions in Palmer were semi-favorable to hike the Bodenburg Butte, but I would have to play it by the seat of my pants....

Matanuska River Bridge Turnoff – August 22, 2013

As I proceeded down the Old Glenn toward the Reindeer Farm, after leaving the Musk Ox Farm, I noticed another scenic pull-off just over the Matanuska River Bridge. I would come back to this location after I was done with the farm. The bridge turnoff is a popular location for four-wheelers and campers. It offers [...]

Matanuska River Scenic Overlook – August 22, 2013

Today, I would visit the Musk Ox and Reindeer Farms, and the Wasilla Museum of Transportation and Industry. Temps were in the high 50s and low sixties with periods of on-and-off rain. I learned quickly that rainstorms in Alaska occur in highly localized cells. You can be in one part of Wasilla or Palmer and be caught in a major downpour while the other side is dry and watching double rainbows.