Mother Moose and Her Calf – August 24, 2013

Going up Clark-Wolverine Road just about 300 yards or so from the Old Glenn and on the right, I happened upon a mother moose and her calf grazing in the woods. This was my second time seeing moose along this road. My first sighting was yesterday, August 23, but I was driving at speed and [...]

Reindeer Farm – August 22, 2013

I saw the trail to the Butte off to my right as I drove down Bodenburg Loop Road to the Reindeer Farm now less than a quarter of a mile away. I would check out the Butte later....

Musk Ox Farm – August 22, 2013

Located off the Glenn Highway at 12850 E Archie Road in Palmer, Alaska the Musk Ox Farm is home to dozens of these domesticated ice age-era animals. The word, "ox," is a misnomer. Musk ox are in the goat family and have cloven hooves. The farm has birthing, yearling, steer and retirement pens.