Lake Lucille Civil Twilight – August 26, 2013

After Independence Mine and and my stops in Palmer and Wasilla Lake for the Sarah Palin History Tour, I stopped off at Señor Taco, because I was jonesing for Mexican food. From there, I returned to Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast. I pulled the laptop out of the room, set it on a table on the balcony, and spent the afternoon working there till twilight. This would be my final civil twilight shoot on the lake. Tomorrow, I would be going to Anchorage and Potter Marsh and the following day, I would be departing the Bed and Breakfast.

I savored the yellows, oranges and reds, transitioning to purple, light blue and pitch black as the long summer day finally slipped into night. After a pleasant afternoon, it was time to call it a day. I returned the laptop back into the room and retired for the night.

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