Mother Moose and Her Calf – August 24, 2013

Going up Clark-Wolverine Road just about 300 yards or so from the Old Glenn and on the right, I happened upon a mother moose and her calf grazing in the woods. This was my second time seeing moose along this road. My first sighting was yesterday, August 23, but I was driving at speed and had traffic behind me. I could not stop. There was no traffic behind me this time.

The moose were there for at least 10 to 15 minutes. I had known from my Alaskan friends that moose sightings are commonplace. A moose hit one friend’s Jeep from the side while she was driving. I also know that more people are injured and killed by moose than bears, especially during rutting season. I quietly enjoyed what I was observing and snapped off some photos. I did not know it, but these would be the last two moose I would see in the wild on this trip. I would see moose tracks in Potter Marsh Tuesday afternoon, but not the animals themselves.

Some of the photos in this album were auto-leveled and noise-reduced.

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