Lake Lucille: Farewell, Thank You – August 28, 2013

Finally, my time to vacate the Lake Lucille Bed and Breakfast came. I had my final Part I of breakfast in the kitchen, and packed my gear into the rental car. I then went to the dock to bid Lake Lucille a long final farewell. So many treasures on this lake I have seen and experienced.

I looked out across the lake to the little islet in front of me and beyond….

…to Mt. Susitna – Sarah’s Sleeping Woman – shrouded in clouds this morning – and hearkened once again to Elsy’s Sleeping Woman over 6,000 miles away to Mexico City’s southeast.

My eyes were naturally drawn back to the treasure diagonally across the lake.

I was able to get some shots of minnows swimming in the lake by the dock. From here, I went to the Mocha Moose to have my final Part II of breakfast there, then back here to retrieve a bottle of water I left behind.

My next stops would be Lake Lucille Park. From that spot on public property, I would photograph the Palin compound for use in the Sarah Palin History Tour. Then, it would be on to Iditarod Race Headquarters followed by the Dorothy Page Museum. In the afternoon I would canoe Finger Lake in Palmer.

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