Three WTC Halfway Up

Three WTC Halfway Up

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It’s hard to believe looking at it, but Three WTC was more than half way up to its final height of approximately 1179 feet, Curbed reported two weeks ago. A subsequent report from Curbed says the masts that were to top the building have been nixed dropping the final height to 1,079 feet. The core reportedly stands at 41 out of 80 stories.

Unlike One and Four WTC whose progress was visible from many vantage points around the metropolitan area, Three WTC is nestled right next to Four and kind of buried in a canyon of buildings along Church St. Three WTC will be difficult to see until it starts rising above Four WTC, and minus the masts, it will only be 100 feet taller than its next door neighbor.

My day pictures were taken as a passenger in my wife, Elsy’s car on August 2, 2015. The night shot was taken August 16 while I was at a red light.



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