South Beach Staten Island Fireworks – August 12, 2015

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South Beach Staten Island Fireworks

Big fireworks shows like Macy*s and Capitol Fourth get most of the attention, but they can be a royal pain to attend in person and TV just does not do it justice. Small, accessible shows where you can get up close, hear and feel the concussions are where it’s at. Boardwalk Days at South Beach puts on an excellent show each Wednesday night, with the last one being September 2. The fireworks go off at what the organizers call sunset – which is really around the start of civil twilight when darkness starts to set in. Last week’s show started at 8:45 PM, so the shows will be starting progressively earlier as the summer winds down.

South Beach Staten Island Fireworks are free. Just park, get up on the boardwalk and enjoy the show. They run about 10 – 15 minutes.

My wife, Elsy, and my uncle Billy were with me that night and can be seen in some of the pics enjoying the works.



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